The history of the Institute begins with 1949, when the Geology Section was founded within the Moldovan Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the former USSR, which was concerned with studying the geological structure and mineral resources of the Republic of Moldova. In 1954, the basic seismic station "Chisinau" was created within this branch, which began the investigation of the seismic regime of the Carpathian earthquakes.

In 1958 the Department of Geology of the Academy of Sciences of the former USSR was reorganized into the Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources.

In 1967, based on the Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources and the basic seismic station "Chisinau", the Institute of Geophysics and Geology of the Academy of Sciences was founded, which was headed by N. Burghelea, doctor of geology and since 1970 by the academician, doctor habilitat in geological and mineralogical sciences AV Drumea. Currently, the Institute of Geology and Seismology operates under the leadership of Mr. Vasile Alcaz, doctor habilitat in geophysics. According to the Government Decision No. 1406 of 14.12.2005, the Experimental Seismology Center was sent to the Institute of Geophysics and Geology.

The Experimental Seismology Center was transferred to the Institute of Geophysics and Geology

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17.06.2021/09:48:37 3.3 45.51N 26.48E 90
17.06.2021/09:48:37 3.3 45.51N 26.48E 90
17.06.2021/09:48:37 3.3 45.51N 26.48E 90
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Bulletin of the Institute of Geology and Seismology

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V. G. Alcaz, doctor habilitat in physical-mathematical sciences - editor-in-chief,

I. N. Nicoara, PhD in geological-mineralogical sciences - editor in chief,

O. P. Bogdevici, PhD in geological-mineralogical sciences,

V. G. Secrieru, PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences,

A. V. Kendzera, PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences,

V. Codrea, Prof., PhD in geology,

Gh. Mărmureanu, Prof., PhD in geophysics,

O. N. Melniciuc, doctor habilitat in geography,

N. A. Arnaut, PhD in Geography,

Gh. N. Sirodoev, PhD in geological and mineralogical sciences,

E. S. Isicico, Scientific Collaborator,

V. N. Ghinsari, PhD in physical and mathematical sciences.


Technical Editor: O.P. Cadocinicov.

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Seismology services

  • Seismic microzoning of the territories of urban localities, construction lands of special importance;
  • Determining the seismicity of construction lands, located on lands with complicated geotechnical conditions;
  • Recommendations in order to minimize the influence of explosions in industrial quarries on constructions;
  • Measurements of the amplitudes of seismic waves and vibrations of different origins, the location of their sources;
  • Determining the dynamic characteristics of constructions of different categories of bridges and other.


Seismic Action Laboratory, 

contact person dr.hab. Vasile ALCAZ tel: 72-36-08

Geochemistry services

  • Determining the quality of mineral and drinking water by standard methods;
  • Analysis of organic compounds (pesticides, PCBs, PAH) in different environmental objects: natural waters, wastewater, soils, contemporary sediments, plants, agricultural products and food products;
  • Identification of substances and impurities in different objects, by gas chromatography with mass detector;
  • Determination of toxic elements (As, Se, Hg, Pb, Cd, Cu, Zn, Ni, Cr, Al, Mn, Fe) in different objects: natural and technological waters, food products, agricultural products, soils, wastewater deposits, metals and alloys.


"GEOLAB" Geochemistry Laboratory,

contact person Dr. Oleg BOGDEVICI tel: 73-90-81

Services in the field of implementation of new directions for the use of useful mineral substances.


Contact person Dr. Oleg BOLOTIN tel: 73-96-36

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