Rainfall erosivity and climate change: some estimations for the Baltata River basin


Corobov R.
Eco-Tiras International Association of River Keepers, Chisinau, The Republic of Moldova

Syrodoev G.
Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chisinau, The Republic of Moldova




The paper assesses the possible impact of changes in precipitation due to global warming on rainfall soil erosion in a small river basin. The Modified Fourier Index (MFI) was selected as an indicator of erosivity. Comparison of this index values in two climatic thirty-years (1991-2010 vs. 1961-1990) has showed that due to insignificant changes in the total amount of annual precipitation, a weak level of erosion hazard, caused by rainfalls in the previous period, has remained in the studied basin under conditions of climate change.

river basin, climate change, erosivity, the Modified Fourier Index


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